This blog started out as "Baby Dunkelberger", a journey through my pregnancy. After our little one finally arrived, I decided to change the name to "The Dunkelberger Family", the adventures of Tyler, Jami, Lyla, Bella, Cash, Marmaduke and anyone else who should stumble into our crazy family :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Week 2: meaning behind blog name

And so week 2 of the 30 week blog challenge begins!

The meaning behind my blog name is pretty self explanatory... it began as 'Baby Dunkelberger' when we started this blog and was a journal of my journey through my first pregnancy. I wanted to start the blog so our family in iowa, colorado and california could keep up with the exciting happenings in our lives. Now that baby dunkelberger has arrived, I have changed the blog name to 'The Dunkelberger Family'. 

Until next time, adios!

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