This blog started out as "Baby Dunkelberger", a journey through my pregnancy. After our little one finally arrived, I decided to change the name to "The Dunkelberger Family", the adventures of Tyler, Jami, Lyla, Bella, Cash, Marmaduke and anyone else who should stumble into our crazy family :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

week 5... sibs

my sibs... well i only have 1 sibling. Erick Jon Calhoon-Olesen. He just had his 24th birthday in November. We both had our "lucky birthdays" this year - I turned 26 on the 26th and he turned 24 on the 24th.

He's currently living in Austin, TX. I would call him a starving artist. He's a musician. He taught himself how to play the guitar and piano and last I heard, he was playing in a band. He played a song on his guitar (written by him for the special occasion) at my and Ty's wedding. He went to an Art institute for a little while but never finished getting his degree. I'm hoping he chooses to finish one day.

He is tall, about 6'2" I think, which makes my dad the shorty in the family, by FAR. He looks a lot like my grandfather did when he was his age.

He used to steal my jeans when we were in high school. He was into the skateboarding scene back then. Skateboarder then, and now, were wearing the tight jeans. Which doesnt make much sense to me because it seems it would be harder to skateboard in skin tight jeans? Anyways, yes, I would wash my clothes, hang my jeans up to dry, and then they would disappear... I finally saw him one day wearing them!!! Needless to say, im glad he grew out of that stage.

He has a habit of watching movies over and over and over and over. When we were kids, he would want to watch movies 10 thousand times and it would drive me nuts! From what i hear, he still does it.

Those are the things that stick out in my mind about my brother. Until next time bloggity bloggers!